Uncoated Abrasives Nigeria

A coated abrasive is an abrasive grain bonded to a flexible substrate using adhesives. Uncoated abrasives are pre-primed to achieve extra strong bond when using a thermosetting adhesive.Tailin Abrasives Corporation started operation in 1998 producing, selling high quality abrasives in an environment-friendly manner and consistently working on increasing capacity and innovation to be more competitive in the global market to serve customer worldwide.

Tailin Abrasives - Type 27 & 29 Flap Disc

Tailin Abrasives Flap Discs offers a total benefit of the flexibility in grinding wheel and sanding disc paper. It helps in rapid stock removal with excellent finish in on operation. Flap disc abrasives do not need backing pad.

Flap Disc Abrasives are used in following industries:

  • kitchen appliances,
  • car body manufacturing,
  • metal sheeting and casting.

Tailin abrasives are best choice for curved surface, corner, welded scar with general metal material and non-metal material.

Flap Discs Abrasives are used for:

  • Aluminum oxide abrasive grains.
  • Ferrous metals (steel, iron, welds, etc.)
  • Zincronium abrasive grains.
  • Stainless steel, alloys, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals.

Tailin Abrasives - Sanding (Disc Paper)

Sanding Disc Paper abrasives are made from selected phenolic resin. It has superior hardness & durability. Since these abrasives are made from selected fibre board, it can be used in the grinder ensuring safety and flexibility. Tailin Abrasives are extremely strong for grinding efficiency.

Sanding Disc Paper Abrasives are used for

  1. These abrasives are used for grinding thin steel surface of ships & cars.
  2. Sanding disc paper abrasives help to remove rusty parts and paint coatings.
  3. They are effective for grinding woods,stones,concrete, marbles etc.
  4. Sanding disc paper abrasives help to smoothen applications.

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