Tailin Cutting Wheels Nigeria

Halowais are providing a complete Tailin abrasive product range as a celebrated distributor and trader In Nigeria. We have carved a mark of perfection and excellence in Nigeria by offering the finest range of Grinding Wheels, Cutting Wheels, Abrasive Belts and many more. We are continuously thriving towards introducing highly advance and innovative products which are in line with the diverse requirements of the customers.

We have earned favorable reputation in the Nigeria, Africa and Middle East market with our quality products which encompass Sanding Disc, Grinding Wheels and Cutting Wheels. Halowais delivers certified and guaranteed Tailin Abrasive products.

Tailin Cutting Wheels supplies in Nigeria

The TAILIN Type 1 Cutting Wheels are generally used on all applications as it is high in performance and has a long blade life which is used for high speed cutting. These cutting wheels are used on pneumatic mini cutter, angle grinder, circular saws, portable chop saws, sationary saws, high speed saws and street saws. The Type 1 cutting wheels are made from high quality abrasive grains. It has an unique weave of extra high tensile fiber glass reinforcing and specially formulated resin bonds, offering a reliable performance and safety strength.

The TAILIN Type 1 Cutting Wheels can be use on following applications

  • A: Aluminum oxide abrasive grain. Metal cutting (structure steel, iron, rebar, etc.)
  • WA: White aluminum oxide abrasive grain. Hard steel, Bar stock, Stainless steel, alloys.
  • C: Silicon carbide abrasive grain. Conrete, masonry, stone, cast iron, non-ferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper)

TAILIN Cutting Wheels quality approved

  • CNS 2553
  • DSA 2334 for CUTTING WHEELS 100-230mm 80m/s
  • DSA 2551 for CUTTING WHEELS 255-405mm 80m/s
  • DSA 2797 for CUTTING WHEELS 255-405mm 100m/s

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