Tailin Abrasives Nigeria

Halowais offers superior quality and genuine Tailin Abrasives In Nigeria. Browse through our website and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Tailin Abrasives. Buy Tailin Abrasives products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across Nigeria.

Tailin Abrasives was established in the year 1970. Tailin Abrasives is world’s largest manufacturers of Cutting & Grinding discs. Tailin Abrasives has manufacturing plants in USA, Europe, Asia and South East Asia. Tailin Cutting & Grinding products are equipped with highest quality, durability,reliability and competitive pricing.

Tailin Abrasive products ranges are used by following industries

  • Steel & Iron Industry
  • Ship Building & Marine Engineering Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering Industry
  • Iron Casting Industry
  • Scaffolding Manufacturing Industry
  • Form Works Industry
  • Steel Body Building Industry
  • Construction Industry and list goes on.

Halowais holds great industry experience and in-depth knowledge about Grinding and Cutting wheels and abrasives. We are betrothed in offering a broad range of Grinding Wheels, Cutting wheels and power tools. The Tailin cutting and grinding wheels provided by us are used for cutting applications and easily installed in grinding machines. They are manufactured in various sizes in order to meet the requirements of the clients.

Features of Tailin Abrasive Products :

  • Sturdy design
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Optimum strength
  • Seamless finish

Few Tailin Abrasive Products supplies in Nigeria

  • Cutting Wheels – Mild Steel & Stainless Steel – From 4” to 16”
  • Grinding Wheels– Mild Steel & Stainless Steel – From 4” to 9”
  • Flap Wheels – Mild Steel & Stainless Steel – From 4” to 9”

Tailin Abrasives Corporation is a company whose mission is to strengthen value added relationship to supplier, customer, stakeholder and communities through excellence, uncompromising integrity and continual growth. They also want to maintain and practice high standards and guidelines provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Green Philippines (Ecology / DENR). They have certificates like Japanese Industrial Standard, Chinese National Standard, Organization for the Safety of Abrasives, TUV - SUD - ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance), ISO 9001, TUV Certification, ISO 14001and ISO 9002 in their arsenal.

As the manufacturing sector accounts for 80% of Dubai's non oil trade, among which Electrical Machinery and Equipment also counts the major part.Hamad Al Owais was set up 19 years back and has been a leading dealer of Industrial Hardware and Consumables in the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar etc countries. They are the one of such dealers who have launched and managed a wide range of brands and their products through a strong customer network. Tailin is one of such brands which sets out the competent and durable quality.

Tailin abrasive wheels are powered wheels used in grinder machines, it is made of small abrasive portions like grit. Grit is usable to make the ends stick together by a special bonding material to form wheel structure of different thickness. The capacity of an abrasive wheel is based on the hardness and toughness to cut material edges and also determined by the abrasive material used. As abrasives are used for various purposes it is also used for cutting and shaping complex workpieces. Grinder uses abrasives to cut down the metal in many fine grains. The material and the required finish helps in deciding the type of abrasive used for grinding wheels i.e. bonded or coated.

This abrasive is a materialistic abrasive used to cut a variety of materials from higher carbon steel to soft bronze or even rubber. Having a great industry experience and in-depth knowledge, the brand is offering a broad range of grinding wheels and which can be installed easily. The wheels are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of clients. They are manufactured under the guidance of the professionals by making use of advanced technology and can be easily accessed at market leading prices.

The types of abrasive differ in :

  • Wheel thickness
  • Diameter circumference

One of such kinds of abrasives are used for

  • Polishing
  • light weld
  • Grinding and descaling.

The wheel has a thickness of 2mm and diameter of 100mm and runs at a speed of approx 13,700nom. Such features give out seamless finish while regulating the material.

Another type is 4”Tailin Grinding disc which is a depressed centre reinforced grinding wheel for all applications with a concrete dimensional accuracy. It’s wheel thickness is around 6mm and outer diameter of 100mm and has a working speed of 15,300npm. Tailin 7” cut-off disc is of higher quality that can be used on pneumatic mini cutters , angle grinder and circular saws, high streets saws and street saws. It is made of aluminium oxide abrasive grain and has formed with a high tensile fiberglass which gives out enough reliable performance and safety strengths.

Tailin Abrasive 16” cut off disc has a optimum strength of 405mm wheel diameter, wheel thickness of 3.0mm and maximum speed of 3000rpm. Material used is aluminum oxide abrasive grain and compatible with steel metal. It’s a cutting wheel reinforced with high performance, cutting speed widely used from quality abrasive grains which have a special formulated resin bonds.

Tailin Abrasives are the premium product brands in UAe which are serving out sustainable development by analysing the market conditions and responding to customer needs quickly. With such a broadest range of products, tailin offers most exclusive product solutions.