Metabo Power Tools from Halowais

Metabo presents to you the most innovative machines and accessories for all standard applications. Metabo offers prolonged system solutions from tools and accessories to services, delivering you high end value today and for the rest of future. Metabo also propose an all-embracing extensive range for professional users focused on the competency areas of metal industry and metal trades, construction trades and renovation. In short, let’s declare one who buys power tools and accessories from Metabo, buys the world best quality. Professionals all around the world trust in Metabo’s trustworthy, robust, durable and powerful tools and accessories on a daily basis usage in their workshop, on the construction site or in industrial production purposes. For more than 90 years now, Metabo has been developing innovative solutions which meet the high demands of professional users all around the world, then whether it’s the first metal drill, to which we owe it’s name, the world’s first impact drill built in series or whether it’s the most powerful compact angle grinder in the market. The success of Metabo brand stands on its good cooperation with it’s suppliers. Metabo banks on its long-standing partnerships that actively involve themselves in all the development process along with suppliers who attach so much importance to quality assurance, process optimisation and customer satisfaction. A prerequisite to become a supplier is your competiveness.

Halowais supplies following Metabo Power Tools in Nigeria

  1. Processing stainless steel
    • 10.8 Volt Class
    • 12 Volt Class
    • 18 Volt Class
    • 36 Volt Class
    • Processing stainless steel
  2. Cordless Tools
    • Cordless drill/screwdriver
    • Cordless drill
    • Cordless hammer drills
    • Cordless stirrers
    • Cordless impact drivers and wrenches
  3. Cutting, sanding, milling
    • Angle grinder
    • Metal processing
    • Stainless steel
    • Wood processing
    • Concrete, stone, plaster
  4. Drilling, screw driving, chiselling, stirring
    • Rotary and chipping hammers
    • Impact drills
    • Drills
    • Cordless drill/ screwdriver
    • Magnetic core drills
  5. Sawing
    • Circular saws
    • Jigsaws
    • Mitre saws
    • Metal saws
    • Multi –tool

Further Categories

  1. Semi stationery tools
    • Mitre saws
    • Crosscut and table circular saws
  2. Water and pump technology
    • Drainage
    • Irrigation
  3. Compressed air
    • Compressors
    • Compressed air tools
  4. Vacuums and extraction
    • All-purpose vacuum cleaner
    • Chip and dust extraction units
  5. Others
    • Combination sets
    • Hedge trimmers

Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading(HALOWAIS) is a 24 year aged company that is dealing in an extensive range of Industrial Hardware and Consumables with widespread sales network in Middle East, Nigeria and Africa. Over the years, owing to its strong Customer network; Hamad Al Owais has successfully launched and managed a wide range of products. At Hamad Al Owais we believe in simply just Quality and hence when this trading wing of a manufacturing group was branched out it was decided to start with Metabo, a well-known OEM to big brands of the power tools industry.

Registration can be effected exclusively online at www.service.com and moreover it can be done by the customer themselves. The customer will also receive the XXL warranty confirmation by email or can print it immediately. This confirmation is always related specifically to one machine. Also remember while tendering a warranty claim, the XXL warranty confirmation or the registration printout has to accompany with the sales receipt demonstrating the date of sale.