Metabo Hammers from Halowais

Industrial hammers are great tool to impact pressure to a particular area of an object. Mostly hammers are used for driving, drilling, shaping, and breaking objects. The new generation hammers are extremely powerful, robust and handy. These hammers are equipped with high performance impact mechanisms that sets new performance standards in terms of drilling speed. Halowais is the leading supplier of Metabo Hammers in Nigeria. Metabo rotary hammers are extremely professional with die-cast aluminium gear housings. They are developed and manufactured in Nürtingen, thus they are "Made in Germany" quality and at the same time the epitome of durability. Metabo hammers are always the right ones when it comes to general drilling or chipping applications in stone or concrete.

  1. With Metabo Hammers you get:
    • Safety and protection against external impact
    • Metabo hammers come with double vibration protection
    • Reliability with its guaranteed long service life
    • Extreme resilience
    • Metabo hammers have the fastest drilling speed
    • The robust aluminium die-case housing protects hammer motor and gear.
  2. Various Metabo Hammers available:
    • Cordless hammers
    • Drill hammers SDS plus
    • SDS-max combination hammers
    • Chipping hammers SDS-max
    • Air hammers
  3. Hammer types
    • KHE 2860 Quick Rotary Hammers with 3.2 JOULE
    • UHEV 2860 – 2 Quick Rotary Hammers with 3.4 JOULE
    • KHE 2660 Quick Rotary Hammers with 3.0 JOULE
    • UHE 2660 - 2 Quick Rotary Hammers with 2.8 JOULE
    • Combination hammers SDS plus
    • Multi hammers SDS plus
  4. Halowais Metabo Hammer supplies in Nigeria
    • Halowais offers professionally delivers wide range of Metabo hammers and power tools all over the world.
    • The industrial consumables supplied by Halowais are reliable, equipped with standard quality and power..
    • Halowais has been supplying and exporting industrial consumables to metal trade and industry, construction trade and renovation platforms since decades.