Metabo Drills Nigeria

Drills are a kind of tools generally used for making round holes or driving fasteners. Drills can be fitted either with bit or a driver, depending on application, secured by a chuck.

Metabo power drills include hammer functions.When you buy drills, you need to look for its speed, power, and size. Drills nowadays are avaialble with corded electrically driven devices or cordless battery powered ones proliferating.

Drills are majorly used in

  • woodworking
  • metalworking
  • machine tool fabrication
  • construction and utility projects.
  • Specially designed versions are made for medicine, space, and miniature applications.

Various types of Metabo Drills available

1.Impact Drivers: Metabo Impact drivers are designed to tighten or loosen large screws or bolts and deliver more power and torque than standard power drills

2.Hammer Drills: Metabo drills with hammering functionality with super powers.

3.Rotary Drills: These drills are heavy-duty drills designed to drill into concrete and other masonry.

4.Cordless Drills & Impact Drivers: Metabo cordless drills that can be operated without wires with a cordless technology, enabling drilling and driving tasks anywhere with a charged battery.

5.Cordless Combo Kits: Feature a cordless power drill and other power tools, along with batteries, chargers and a tool box, bag or protective case.

About Metabo Power Tools

Metabo delivers long lasting power tool solutions. The extensive range of power tools for professional users are focused on the competence areas of metal industry and metal trades, construction trades and renovation.

The right Metabo drill for any hole

Metabo Drills are suitable for varied industries, be metal, construction of woodcraft trade, in steel or mechanical engineering or in the metal-processing industry. Metabo drills can be perfectly adapted to any requirements.

Metabo drills with different utilities

  • The small light bench Metabo drills with 450 Watt are ideally suited for holes with smaller diameters in applications like wood and metal as they have an infinite speed regulation that can match the speed of any material.
  • Metabo compact drills with 500 and 600 Watt are used for demanding metal processing in trade and industry. Compact drills have an optimal speed range for particular drill diameters in steel.
  • The BE 500/6, the BE 500/10 and the BE 600/13-2 are equipped with a high-quality Futuro Top keyless chuck from Metabo that automatically retightened when drilling and thus ensures precise drilling results.
  • For drilling steel upto 16 mm or wood upto 50 mm diameter, The Metabo drills with 750 Watt to 850 Watt are well equipped.
  • Metabo drills with1,300 Watt, the BEV 1300-2 drills have two-speed gearbox and constant electronics for constant speeds even under load for particularly fast drilling progress.

Halowais Metabo Hammer supplies in Nigeria

  • Halowais offers professionally delivers wide range of Metabo drills and power tools all over the world.
  • The power tools supplied by Halowais are reliable, equipped with standard quality and power.
  • Halowais has been supplying and exporting Metabo power tools, drills and hammers, discs to metal trade and industry, construction trade and renovation platforms since decades.