Best Cutting Disc Nigeria

Cutting discs or (cut-off wheels), are made from a solid abrasive disc used for cutting metal. Cutting discs are composed of an abrasive mix of grit and adhesive that is formed into a rigid and thin disc with fiber webbing running through it for strength.

Various Cutting discs available:

  • Cutting discs
  • Grinding discs
  • Diamond cutting discs
  • Flap discs
  • Fibre sanding discs
  • Wire brushes
  • Cup wheels (ceramic)
  • Assortments for angle grinders
  • Accessories for flat-head angle grinders
  • Accessories for Inox angle grinders
  • Diamond drill bits
  • Diamond cup grinding wheels
  • Cleaning fleeces
  • Semi-flexible sanding sheets
  • Further accessories for angle grinders

Cutting discs for stainless steel/steel

  • M-Calibur
  • Flexiarapid Super Inox
  • Flexiarapid / Flexiamant Inox
  • Novorapid Inox
  • Combinator Inox
  • Flexiarapid Super Universal

Discs for aluminium

  • Flexiamant Super aluminium
  • Flexiarapid aluminium

Cutting discs for stone

  • Flexiamant super stone
  • Novoflex stone

Metabo Cutting discs are supplied in various industries in Nigeria

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial maintenance, Industry services
  • Special vehicle manufacturing
  • Ship construction
  • Steel construction
  • Plant engineering
  • Offshore
  • Wind power
  • Power plant construction and maintenance

Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading(HALOWAIS) is a 24 year aged company that is dealing in an extensive range of Imetabo power tools with widespread sales network in Middle East, Nigeria and Africa. Over the years, owing to its strong Customer network; Hamad Al Owais has successfully launched and managed a wide range of Metabo products. At Hamad Al Owais we believe in simply just Quality and hence when this trading wing of a manufacturing group was branched out it was decided to start with Metabo, a well-known OEM to big brands of the power tools industry.