Metabo Angle Grinders in Nigeria

Angle grinders are multifaceted versatile industrial tools that can grind metal, cut off a tile, and even rout out mortar. Angle grinders can also sand, polish and sharpen things. Angle grinders power tools are sold internationally on large scale. Angel grinders are available in various large sizes. Among them the most popular and accepted range of angle grinders are the 4-inch. and 4-1/2 inch. grinders. Angle grinders are multifaceted complex tools as they are capable of handling different wheels and accessories very well inside out.

Diverse uses of Angle Grinders

  • To cut tile, stone or concrete : Angle Grinders are utilised to cut tile, stone or concrete. This can be majorly done with help of dry-cut diamond wheel, which is super thin to give a more accurate, sharp cut.
  • To sharpen edges : Angle Grinders are used to sharpen edges of rougher tools such as shovels, hoes, and ice scrapers, and is highly helpful for the initial grinding of lawn mower blades, hatchets, and axes.
  • For removing old mortar from bricks : Angle Grinders are highly used for removing old mortar from bricks as they are very effective in removing the mortar without harming the bricks at all.

Factors to consider while buying an Angle Grinder

  1. The head of the wheel means the size of the disc is very important and vital part to verify and consider while buying an Angle Grinder tool.
  2. You need to know where exactly you will be using Angle grinder. Since Angle grinder tools come in three power options i.e Electricity, petrol, or compressed air, you need to check which options would best feasible in the area where it needs to be used.
  3. Speed of the Angle grinder that would depend as per the usage.
  4. Please study the wattage of the grinder before buying as the higher the wattage, the more powerful the Angle grinder will be.
  5. The availability of an interchangeable power source that will encourage Angle grinders use with a extensive variety of cutters and attachments.
  6. Angle Grinders should have soft start in order to ensure that the retainer does not seizes on.
  7. Angle grinders in general have an adjustable guard and a side-handle for two-handed operation. Hence you need to make sure you check the handling options and adjustable guards of Angle grinder to ease its usage.

Metabo angle grinders at Halowais for every application.

Metabo angle grinders are obtainable for all disc diameters in diverse versions for mains operation with a rated input power of 750 to 2,600 watt. Additionally, Metabo also has many powerful cordless angle grinder up to a disc diameter of 230 mm in its programme range. Again, for companies working with compressed air, there are two air angle grinder for 125 mm discs. Entry criterion for angle grinders is the disc diameter. Discover and learn your Metabo angle grinders Ø100-150 mm in the range up to 150 mm or angle grinders Ø180- 230 mm in the range of 180 to 230 mm disc diameter. Each model is equipped with guard, clamping set and side handle. Specialist in stainless steel and acute angles, if Metabo angle grinder gets tight for others, the flat-head angle grinders gets only started. And the Specialist with the particularly gear head can grind down to thinner angles of 39° (at 150 mm diameter). Therefore it is ideal and ultimate for removing rust, lacquer or welding sludge in any narrow frame constructions and while working in confined spaces. There are also remarkable flat-head angle grinders both with cable and as well as cordless for operation independently from the power grid. Some angle grinders are developed particularly for processing stainless steel. A thigh torque along with a reduced speed range adapted to stainless steel guarantees cool grinding without blue discolouration. These specialists hold the word Inox in their names and are available in different versions, also as flat-head angle grinders Inox . With Metabo angle grinders on the safe side, working with angle grinders is still not without danger. High forces and enduring vibrations can lead to loss of control. Thus a major safety functions would be to prevent and permit safe working. For angle grinders with dead man function (P in the designation), the motor is switched off as soon as the switch is released. If an additional braking system is included (B in the designation), the disc stops inside 2-3 seconds after switching off. At times when the disc jams in the material, the kickback torque will hit the user with full force. This kickback is reduced tremendously, all thanks to the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch or an electronic safety shutdown (depending on the model). For Metabo angle grinders with an Auto-balancer (A in the designation), imbalances on the discs are balanced for particularly low-vibration and low-fatigue working. Further safety functions are the restart protection aligned with unintentional starting after a power cut and the soft start for smooth start-up. Many angle have all these safety functions integrated in built and thus tender the best possible user safety.

The right disc matters

Metabo has a wide range of cutting and grinding discs for any kind of application area. Based on the requirement, there are a number of quality classes in all relevant diameters: this range from basic quality with good cutting and material removal to premium quality with very high cutting performance and maximum tool life. Metabo diamond cutting discs are used for cutting concrete and stone. Even here there are quality classes for all requirements in all relevant diameters. Further cutting and grinding accessories such as cup wheels, flap discs, fibre dics and cleaning fleeces as well as steel-wire brushes for cleaning, deburring and rust removal as well as special accessories for processing stainless steel can be found in the Metabo accessories for angle grinders.Extensive range of Metabo angle grinders in the classes 900W to 1,700 Watt.

The right small angle grinder for any application:

  • For cleaning and for deburring
  • For simple to demanding cutting and grinding applications
  • Intensive grinding applications in industrial shift operation
  • With even more power and perfect ergonomics. Made in Germany. Angle grinders Ø100-150 mm
  • The Metabo compact angle grinders: Maximum performance even with the smallest overall size.

With devices from 720 to 1,700 Watt and for disc diameter from 100 to 150 mm, Metabo presents to you the right system solution for every requirement and every application - together with matching accessories. Thanks to the tremendously powerful, patent-pending Metabo Marathon motor and a pioneering ventilation concept you can work with our angle grinders in nearly all situations without interruptions. No matter how you confront the devices: Our powerful angle grinders are unbeatable in terms of its incomparable features like robustness, overload capacity and productivity. And in addition at the same time they impress with a small handle circumference and outstanding device geometry.